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TJSS2022 preview|Master class 2 : Public Health's Bold Agenda

【Source: | Date:2022-07-16 】

About the Speaker: Michelle A. Williams, SM '88, ScD '91, is an internationally renowned epidemiologist and public health scientist, an award-winning educator, and a widely recognized academic leader. Prior to becoming Dean, she was Professor and Chair of the Department of Epidemiology at the Harvard Chan School and Program Leader of the Population Health and Health Disparities Research Programs at Harvard's Clinical and Translational Sciences Center. Dean Williams previously had a distinguished career at the University of Washington School of Public Health. Her scientific work places special emphasis in the areas of reproductive, perinatal, pediatric, and molecular epidemiology. Dean Williams has published more than 500 scientific articles and was elected to the National Academy of Medicine in 2016. In 2020, she was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor and recognized by PR Week as one of the top 50 health influencers of the year. The Dean has an undergraduate degree in biology and genetics from Princeton University, a master's in civil engineering from Tufts University, and master's and doctoral degrees in epidemiology from the Harvard Chan School.

About the Lecture: Public health touches every aspect of our lives. It is critical to our economic growth. It's imperative for safeguarding our national security. It's central to a healthy environment. It's connected to the success of student learning, to ups and downs in worker productivity, to our mental health and well-being, and so much more. In this lecture, Dean Michelle A. Williams will explore public health's bold agenda for the 21st Century, with a particular focus on the role of global collaborationsacross disciplines, sectors, and continentsto build capacity to tackle the toughest challenges facing humanity.

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Time: Sunday 17th July 20:30 (China time)

The lecture is taking place at 20:30 (China time) or local times:

07:30 (Boston, Cuernavaca) | 08:30 (Santiago) | 14:30 (Cape Town, Geneva) | 19:30 (Thailand) | 20:30 (Singapore) | 22:30 (Sydney)