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MPH Program

Master of Public Health (MPH program, Professional Degree)

I. Educational Objectives

This program aims at cultivating advanced professionals in public health units and departments who are well grounded in solid professional expertise. The specific qualifications are:

1. General arts education, the students stand up forour government led by the country, commit themselves to care for and serve the country and people in public health sectors, related laws and rules of public health.

2. Basic theories and systematic knowledge in public health and related subjects. Skills of modern public health and application of the theories and methods in practice and solving problems in local public health.

3. Basic research capacity and innovative competence.

4. Proficiency in English and able to read literature and basic listening, speaking and writing competence.

II. Duration and Cultivation Mode

The duration is two academic years. The program consists of three components: basic theories, field practice and academic research. The graduates are required to get no less than 34 credits.

Required Credits and Composition

Curriculum and Credits Allotment

III. Requirements for Practical Ability Training

The students are requested to undertake internship in public health units for a period of time format least six months according to their specialties.

1. They may intern in departments such as chronic diseases control, sexual transmitted or AIDS prevention and control, schistosomiasis prevention and control, occupational disease prevention and treatment, and environmental hygiene, in CDC. They are requested to rotate in at least two departments.

2. They may choose to intern in a prevention and health care office, infection office, or information office of a community in the hospitals, and at least stay for two offices.

Through the public health practice and field work, the students are requried to understand public health and preventive medicine systematically, to learn the basic content, the basic situation of public health in China, to command the basic procedures of field practice and advanced scientific research skills and methods in the area, and finally be able to solve practical challenge in public health.

IV. Project Research and Dissertation

Students are encouraged to address the actual needs of practical problems they identified in health administration or public health. The findings or results should be expected to solve some practical problems of public health, and has certain application value.

The students may apply for dissertation defense after they have accomplished all the required studying content. The students will be awarded the degree when they pass the dissertation defense and are reviewed by the University Academic Degree Review Committee.