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Health Toxicology


The Department of Health Toxicology was developed from the Department of Toxicology and the Research Laboratory of Environmental Toxicology. It is an important part of the national key discipline of Occupational and Environmental Health. It is also one of the earliest disciplines approved master programs for health toxicoloty.

Currently, there are7 faculty members, including 3 professors, 2 associate professors, and 2 technicians. Among them, 2 are doctoral supervisors and 3 are master supervisors.

We have edited the first edition and the second edition of the National Health Commission planning textbook “Health Toxicology”, and the textbook “Toxicology” for undergraduates in medical colleges and universities, and so on.

In 1997, this department was first approved as the Resaerch Center for Pesticide Toxicology by the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Health, which can carry out fout-stage experimental researches for toxicological safety evaluation for pesticides.

The department is in charge of several compulsory courses and optional courses for undergraduate and graduate students, such as Progress in Toxicology, Health Toxicology, Environmental Toxicology and Experimental Research Methods of Toxicology.

The research interest mainly includes: neurotoxicology, molecular and biochemical toxicology, reproductive toxicology, etc. The department has received many research projects, including the Nationsl Natural Science Foundation of China key projects, National Natural Science Foundation of China projects, Hubei Natural Science projects. Many SCI papers have been published.

More than 20 PHD and 80 master students have graduated from this department, and most of them have gone abroad for further study.

Contact: Prof. Li Yuanyuan


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