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Overview of research

Overview of Research

In the past decade, the school has established several large cohort studies with a focus on major public health challenges, such as environment pollution, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, maternal health, children's growth and development. In the last five years, the school received over 250 research funding at the national, ministerial, and provincial levels, and the average annual amount of funding has reached 40 million CNY. Now the school publishes over 120 SCI papers each year, including top biomedical journals, such as the JAMA, Nat Genet, BMJ, Cell Metab, Lancet Diabetes Endocrinology, Circulation, Gut, Cir Res, Am J Resp Crit Care, Diabetes Care, Hepatology, Nat Commun, and PLoS Med. Several high-level awards have been granted to the school, including two Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress, one Second Prize of National Natural Science, and over 20 prizes at the provincial and ministerial levels for scientific achievements.

The school is also proud of its advanced research platforms, including 1 State Key Laboratory of Environment Health (Incubation), 3 ministerial or provincial-level key laboratories, National Demonstration Teaching Center for Preventive Medicine Experiments (leading unit), Environment and Health Innovation Research platform as the construction unit of 985 Program.

Also, the school takes advantage of the developed disciplines to serve the social economy and improve the public health. Three National Qualification and Quality Evaluation Centers, including Research Center for Pesticide Toxicology, Function Assay Center of Health Food, and Centre for Environmental Impact Assessment, are widely used to evaluate the safety of food, chemicals, medicine, and pesticides, as well as to inspect the environmental risk factors.

The school emphasizes on academic communication and cooperation. To date, it has established international partnerships with universities and research institutions from American and European Union to successfully obtain international cooperative projects and publish a series of papers. The high-quality results have provided the strong epidemiological evidence for prevention and control of diseases and revision of dietary guidelines internationally, such as World Health Organization, International Agency for Research on Cancer, US Environmental Protection Agency, and National Hygiene Standards.

Many international conferences or symposiums were regularly held in the School, and many professors were invited to deliver keynote speeches or act as chairman at international and national conferences. Our research findings have also been widely covered by authoritative media outlets, such as CCTV, CNR, People's Daily Online, New York Times, and BBC. The school has nearly 10,000 graduates across the country and around the world. Among them, many are extraordinary scientific researchers, outstanding managers, and innovative practical technicians in CDC, health administrative departments, and universities etc. For example, two alumni were elected as the member of the US National Academy of Medicine.